Best Fishing Kayaks for Angler Adventures 2024

Fishing kayaks are becoming more popular for their affordability and versatility. They offer great stability, a variety of features, and are well-suited for fishing. Through thorough testing, various models including pedal and motorized kayaks have been reviewed. This guide aims to help fishing fans find the perfect kayak.

The Old Town Sportsman BigWater ePDL+ 132 is among the top picks. It features a battery-powered pedal system and is really stable. At 13 feet 2 inches long, it can carry up to 375 pounds. With advanced features, it is priced at $5,999, making it a great option for serious anglers.

If you’re looking to buy a kayak for fishing, this guide is a must-read. It focuses on lightweight kayaks for fishing fun. For more on the Old Town Sportsman BigWater ePDL+ 132 and leading models, go to You can also find detailed reviews at

Key Takeaways

  • Fishing kayaks offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional boats.
  • The Old Town Sportsman BigWater ePDL+ 132 is highly recommended for its stability and advanced propulsion system.
  • The kayak measures 13 feet 2 inches and has a weight capacity of 375 pounds.
  • Its price point is $5,999, reflecting its high-end features.
  • Comprehensive reviews and more information are available on and

Introduction to Fishing Kayaks

Fishing kayaks have changed a lot in the past 20 years. They’ve made a big difference for fishing fans looking for new waters to explore. Today, you can find many top rated fishing kayaks to match your size, likes, and the fishing places you want to go. These kayaks are made just for fishing.

Kayaks under 10 feet are hard to keep stable but are easier to turn. Longer kayaks are more stable and move through the water better. It’s key to have a life jacket when fishing. You can pick from life vests that also hold gear to life vests that blow up if you fall in.

If you’re new to fishing from a kayak, dressing right and setting up your kayak well is important. This helps you stay safe and have fun. Learning how to paddle quietly or use a motor can make fishing better by getting you to quiet fishing spots. Also, practicing your casts and using the right bait, like frogs or plastic lures, can make you catch more fish.

Type of KayakRecommended WaterBrands
Sea KayaksOpen Tidal WatersOld Town, Hobie
Recreational Sit-In KayaksShallower Bays and LakesOld Town, Jackson
Sit-On-Top KayaksVaried ConditionsHobie, Perception

Planning well, getting your kayak ready, and knowing the fish and the water are key to having a great time. Brands like Old Town and Hobie make models that are known for being stable with lots of storage. This makes them favorites for people who love fishing.

Top Picks for Best Fishing Kayaks 2024

Looking for the best fishing kayaks in 2024? Some models are at the top because of their great features. They’re perfect for different water types.

Jackson Knarr FD

The Jackson Knarr FD is top-rated among anglers who fish in big water. It’s 13 feet 9 inches long and weighs 138 pounds with everything on. It can carry 425 pounds. This kayak costs $4,199. Anglers love its smooth pedaling, making it a top choice.

Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12 360

The Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12 360 is 12 feet long and weighs 132 pounds with all its gear. It can hold up to 500 pounds, fitting the needs of serious fishermen. Priced at $5,599, it comes with extra rod holders. These help improve the fishing experience when on water.

Old Town Sportsman BigWater ePDL+ 132

The Old Town Sportsman BigWater ePDL+ 132 is a special kayak that mixes pedal power with a motor. At 143 pounds with gear, it brings new options for ocean fishing. It’s listed at $5,999. This kayak is known for performing well in various water conditions.

Features to Look for in Fishing Kayaks

features of fishing kayaks

When you’re choosing a fishing kayak, it’s important to look at certain features. These features can really improve your time on the water. Think about stability, storage, and how comfortable the kayak is. These things will help make your fishing trips better.

Stability and Balance

Stability is key, especially when waters get rough. Kayaks that let you stand are great for fishing. They make it easier to cast and reel in your catch. Sit-on-top kayaks are easy to get into and let you stand up. This is why they’re popular for fishing. Kayaks like the Lifetime Angler Kayak are built for stability. Plus, they can hold your electronics.

Storage and Gear Organization

Good storage is a must for fishing kayaks. You want plenty of room for your gear. Look for kayaks with places to hold your fishing rods, tracks for accessories, and big storage areas. Many kayaks have spots for bait, tackle, and your personal stuff. This keeps everything safe and organized.

Comfort and Adjustability

If you’re going to be out fishing all day, you need a kayak that’s comfortable. Seats that you can adjust and that support your back are essential. Some kayaks let you move with pedals, leaving your hands free for fishing. Others work with a paddle. These are good for exercise. Inflatable kayaks are easy to carry and store. They’re a great option for some.

Think about these things to find the best kayak for you. This will ensure you have a great time fishing.

Fishing Kayaks for Different Water Types

Choosing the right fishing kayak lets you enjoy fishing more, in the right environment. Each water type needs specific kayak features. Let’s look at fishing kayaks perfect for the ocean, river, or lake.

Ocean Fishing

Exploring the ocean means your kayak needs to be stable and strong. The ideal ocean fishing kayak is long and has a rudder system. This helps you deal with the ocean’s wind, waves, and currents. These kayaks also allow you to stand while you fish, giving better control and sight.

River and Creek Fishing

Fishing in rivers and creeks requires a kayak that is nimble. The right river fishing kayak is tough against rocks and easy to maneuver. Inflatable kayaks work well here because they are light and easy to move. This lets you fish even in tight spots.

Lake and Pond Fishing

Lakes and ponds are about relaxing fishing trips with a focus on comfort and storage. The top lake fishing kayaks are shorter and sit-on-top. They are very stable in calm water. You’ll find plenty of space for your gear, including rod holders, and they offer comfortable seats.

Pedal vs. Paddle: Choosing the Right Propulsion

pedal fishing kayaks

When you think about kayak propulsion options, it’s crucial to understand the good and the bad of both pedals and paddles. Pedal fishing kayaks are usually wider than paddles. This makes them more stable for standing up while fishing. But, they are heavier and might not go in a straight line as easily.

Pedal fishing kayaks have a cool feature – you can fish without holding a paddle. This makes them perfect for big fishing areas. Anglers can move around a lot without losing focus.

  • Cost for pedal or paddle kayaks goes from just over $1000 to $5000 or $6000. Pedal ones are usually pricier.
  • Pedal kayaks need a trailer or truck to carry them because they are heavy. Lighter paddle kayaks can often go on top of a car.

Paddle kayaks are great for quick and skinny water fishing. They’re easy to move and usually lighter than pedals. This makes them a flexible choice for various fishing spots.

FeaturesPedal Fishing KayaksPaddle Kayaks
Price Range$1000 – $6000$1000 – $3000
StabilityMore stable for standingLess stable for standing
ManeuverabilityTends to driftExcellent tracking
Fishery TypeMore suited for larger fisheriesIdeal for skinny water fishing

Also, pedal systems with fins can move out of the way if they hit the ground. This makes them even easier to steer. On the other hand, paddle kayaks are good at staying on course and not drifting.

Knowing these details helps anglers pick the best kayak propulsion options for them. Whether you choose high-tech pedals or simple paddles, each will bring something special to your fishing adventure.

Best Value and Affordable Fishing Kayaks

affordable fishing kayaks

Finding the right fishing kayak that’s also budget-friendly is easier than you think. Many affordable kayaks come with great features and quality. The Magellan Outdoors Pro Pedal Drive Kayak is a top choice for its stability and support up to 400 pounds.

Newcomers to kayak fishing will be happy to know there are affordable choices. You can find under $500 kayaks that are great for maneuvering and less than 10 feet long. Sit-on-top kayaks are loved for their stability, while sit-inside ones are lighter and cheaper, making them easy to carry.

Currently, pedal-drive fishing kayaks for hands-free fishing run around $1,000. Paddle kayaks, though, are more budget-friendly. Buying a used kayak can save you money, they usually cost around 50% less. Remember, you’ll need about $200 for essential accessories like a paddle, life jacket, safety light, and signal whistle.

The durability of affordable fishing kayaks is impressive. Even inflatable kayaks, which need to resist punctures, are available at reasonable prices. You can find these at many places, including discount and sporting goods stores, as well as online through Amazon.

Taking safety courses for paddling is a smart idea. These courses ensure you have fun and safe fishing adventures, whether you enjoy ocean fishing or quiet lake days. There’s an affordable kayak out there that’s perfect for your fishing preferences.

Kayak ModelLengthWidthWeightCapacityPrice
Magellan Outdoors Pro Pedal Drive Kayak10’6″34″95 lbs.400 lbs.$2,699
Bonafide EX12312’3″29.5″67 lbs.375 lbs.$1,099
Pelican Catch 110 HyDryve II10’6″34″78 lbs.425 lbs.$1,499

Fishing Kayak Accessories You Should Consider

Kayak fishing is rapidly growing in popularity. It’s a cost-effective way to enjoy fishing. Adding the right accessories can make your fishing trips better. Let’s explore some top-notch accessories for every kayak angler.

Rod Holders

Kayak rod holders change the game for anglers. They offer a hands-free fishing experience. You can paddle or relax without fear of losing your rod. Rod holders from brands like YakAttack or Scotty enhance your fishing adventures.

Fish Finders

Fish finders are key for a successful fishing trip. For example, the Garmin Striker 7 SV is great at $499. They show water depth, fish locations, and more. This helps you find the best spots and have a more fruitful fishing day.

Trolling Motors

Trolling motors are a smart addition. They let you move without paddling hard. This is useful in areas with strong currents. Models from Minn Kota and Newport make fishing more relaxing.

There are many accessories out there at different prices, from budget to luxury.

AccessoryCostKey Features
MangoLure PadFrom $20Sizes 4×6 and 6×10 inches
Gerber Defender Rail$45Sturdy and durable
Rod Sleeves$7Available in spinning and casting sizes
Plano Waterproof Case$27Waterproof up to one meter for 30 minutes
Kayak KushionFrom $65Available in square, lumbar, and original sizes
BerleyPro Bumper Bro$49Protects the nose of the kayak
YakGear YakStick Floating Stake-Out Stick$496 feet long, weighs 22 ounces

Read more about the best kayak fishing accessories on Outdoor Life.

Fishing Kayaks Brands to Watch for 2024

As we head towards 2024, some fishing kayak brands are standing out. They are known for making top-rated kayaks that are innovative, high-quality, and reliable. We’ll give you some brand names to look out for below.

Hobie is a top contender with their Mirage series, especially the Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12 360. This kayak is 12 feet long and can carry 500 pounds. It’s a premium choice for serious fishermen and costs $5,599.

Jackson Kayak has great picks such as the versatile Jackson Big Rig FD and Jackson Bite FD. The Big Rig FD is 13 feet 3 inches, can support 550 pounds, and costs $3,999. For a cheaper option, the Bite FD costs $2,699 and can hold 400 pounds.

Another standout is Old Town with models like the Old Town Sportsman Bigwater ePDL+ 132. It’s 13 feet 2 inches long with a 375-pound capacity, priced at $5,999. They also have the AutoPilot 120/136 series known for their large weight capacities, from 558 to 660 pounds, and priced between $4,499 to $4,999.

Perception Kayaks are well-liked for the Pescador Pilot 12.0. It’s known for its efficiency and reliability, making it a sought-after choice for those who want good performance at a reasonable price.

HobieMirage Pro Angler 12 36012 feet132 pounds500 pounds$5,599
Jackson KayakBig Rig FD13 feet 3 inches136 pounds550 pounds$3,999
Jackson KayakBite FD11 feet 6 inches95 pounds400 pounds$2,699
Old TownSportsman Bigwater ePDL+ 13213 feet 2 inches143 pounds375 pounds$5,999
Old TownAutoPilot 120/13612 feet / 13 feet 6 inches152 / 158 pounds558 / 660 pounds$4,499 / $4,999


Today, there are many fishing kayaks to choose from. They have special designs for different fishermen. These kayaks are stable, comfy, and work well for fishing. For easy storage of fishing gear, look for kayaks with wider hulls. They come with useful features like rod holders, bait wells, and lots of storage space.

Think about your fishing spot when picking a kayak. Look for a strong one if you fish in the ocean. If you like rivers, pick one that’s easy to move. The shape of the kayak affects how well it stays upright and moves. Kayaks with pedal systems let you fish without using your hands. Make sure the kayak can hold your weight and all your gear safely.

Fishing kayaks are made to be comfortable for long trips. They have seats that you can change and stand on. The choice of materials, like polyethylene, fiberglass, or ABS plastic, affects how long they last. Think about how much you’ll have to spend on upkeep and repairs over time. This is also important to your purchase decision.

Before you buy, do some good research. Use guides and talk to experts. Finding a kayak that fits your fishing and water needs is key. The right kayak will make your fishing trips in 2024 great. It will be a smart investment that brings you joy for a long time.


What are the best fishing kayaks for 2024?

In 2024, the Jackson Knarr FD and Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12 are standouts. The Jackson kayak features a smooth pedaling system and is very stable. Meanwhile, the Hobie kayak stands out for its innovative drive system and many rod holders. Also, the Old Town Sportsman BigWater ePDL+ 132 excels with both pedal and motor controls, ideal for ocean fishing. For more info, check out

What features should I look for in a fishing kayak?

Look for kayaks that are stable and balanced, especially in rough waters. They should offer ample storage, systems to keep your gear organized, and comfortable, adjustable seating. These elements are key for a better fishing experience, meeting different anglers’ needs.

Are there affordable fishing kayaks with good features?

Certainly, the Magellan Outdoors Pro Pedal Drive Kayak offers features similar to those in expensive kayaks. It comes with pedal drives, lots of storage, and adjustable seating, all at a more budget-friendly price. This makes it a great option for both beginners and experienced anglers.

What are the benefits of a pedal kayak over a paddle kayak?

Pedal kayaks let you fish hands-free, which is great for focusing on your catch. They’re also good for keeping a steady speed over long distances. Paddle kayaks, on the flip side, are more maneuverable and suited for navigating through fast currents.

Which fishing kayaks are best suited for ocean fishing?

For fishing in the ocean, you’ll need a kayak that’s very stable and well-built. The Old Town Sportsman BigWater ePDL+ 132 is an excellent choice because it’s very stable and has a battery-powered pedal system. This makes it a top pick for the open sea.

What accessories should I consider for my fishing kayak?

Rod holders are a must for hands-free fishing. A fish finder will help you locate fish and understand the water’s depth. Trolling motors make navigating easy, enhancing your fishing adventures greatly.

Which fishing kayak brands should I look into for 2024?

Keep an eye on Hobie, Perception Kayaks, Jackson Kayak, and Old Town in 2024. Their Mirage, Pescador Pilot 12.0, Blue Sky Boatworks, and Predator PDL models are known for their quality and innovative features. The fishing community often highly ranks them.

Where can I find detailed reviews of fishing kayaks?

For a wide range of kayak reviews, visit For detailed information on top picks like the Old Town Sportsman BigWater ePDL+ 132, check out
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